Through our partnership with Compco Systems Australia, we managed the development of Grafton Shopping World, which is a member of McConaghy Group, developers specialising in the investment, management and leasing of shopping centers located in Brisbane.


In this case, our client wanted a Content Manage System where all the web pages of the company were integrated in order to manage them all from one system. Our client needed a web to promote the different stores of the commercial centre from one backend app.


To achieve this, our highly experienced development team developed a web template for all the brands. The administrator of this page can create new webs with this template for the new brands. In addition to this, the administrator can promote the brands. Users can search their favourite stores through filters that our team install to make the search faster, by store type or category. Users can also find information about the mall, job opportunities, offers, promotions, etc. For this project we used stack technologies.


We use the Agile methodology and SCRUM™ methodology, breaking down your project into sections and then producing them in 1-2 weeks sprints. During each sprint, we will fully test each and every component of your app to make sure your app runs flawlessly and delivers the results your users expect it to see. We also use Jira software, which is a tracking product developed by Atlassian. It provides bug and issue tracking and project management functions. Jira is the most popular issue management tool and this will help us to deliver each sprint on time.