Through our partnership with Compco Systems Australia, we managed the development of the Ramco Rewards s app. Ramco - Gershenson Properties Trust is a premier, national publicly-traded shopping center real estate investment trust with headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The Company's primary business is the ownership and management of regional dominant and urban-oriented, infill shopping centers in key growth markets in the 40 largest metropolitan markets in the United States.


Ramco Street Shopping Centres had the challenge to reach more users to their malls and drive more sales transactions to their retailers whilst increasing the number of loyal customers. In order to drive more sales, a promotional scheme was set in motion where customers would use their purchase tickets in order to be awarded points to be able to claim prizes.


FlexIT team´s was set out to develop an mobile app that would integrate the 5 different malls in a single interface. The feature of this app was to win rewards and sales notifications. In the app you will earn gift cards to use them in any of the Ramco Street Shopping Centres. Using this app, you will get the chance to share in social networks your preferences, other features are the geo location checkin and geofencing checks, integration with ORC system to analyse receipt images and integration with the mobile camera. You can also custom push notifications based on events and user preferences. For this project, the stack technologies that we used were Hybrid mobile app built using the Ionic Framework 3, native integration with GPS location tracking and geofencing; push notifications; camera; Restful API built based on PHP 7 technology following a BDD approach; we also use ORC API integration with Ziploop Systems.


We use the Agile methodology and SCRUMâ„¢ methodology, breaking down your project into sections and then producing them in 1-2 weeks sprints. During each sprint, we will fully test each and every component of your app to make sure your app runs flawlessly and delivers the results your users expect it to see. We also use Jira software, which is a tracking product developed by Atlassian. It provides bug and issue tracking and project management functions. Jira is the most popular issue management tool and this will help us to deliver each sprint on time.


More than 10,000 users of this app. With this app you can earn points by checking in when you visit the center on your app. Sharing your Ramco Rewards promo code with friends. Redeem points for gift cards from your favourites retailers. Stay up to date on all the latest posts from your favourite retailers.