EnhanceTV is one of the leading suppliers in educational content  through their ETV web application. They serve content to over 500 schools in Australia and New Zealand.


With limited time and a video player in beta mode, our team had to consume the documentation of the Ooyala Player and build and integration based on ReactJS in record time.


Ooyala is a global enterprise delivering solutions for different media websites and services such as Fox Sports, ZoominTV, Arsenal Media Group among others.

They provide a base video player built on ReactJS which we extended and built a fully operational clipping tool supported by most major browsers in Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The clipping tool allowed operations such as:

- Set markers IN/OUT
- Move selection areas
- Preview / undo / discard


This particular project required heavy prototyping as well as research and development. Although there was available documentation and test cases, we found that the features we needed were not natively supported by the core player, thus we had to build on top of it.

We leveraged the JIRA software in all our projects to keep an accurate track of all tasks and activities, as well as using it as a tool to achieve high levels of quality.


Armed with the ability to create physical clips from full videos, gave EnhanceTV a competitive advantage over similar services. After a few iterations to improve the usability of the player, teachers and students were enjoying this feature.