EnhanceTV is a startup like on-demand video provided for the educational industry in Australia. They provide capture, enrich and deliver free-to-air content for Australian schools and other educational institutions.

EnhanceTV has had the relaunch of their application in mid 2017 and was seeking a partner that would be able to deliver the development of a backend solution that would integrate seamlessly with their application and operational tasks.


Our client had a large set of requirements that if implemented correctly and in a timely manner would streamline the operations of their content, customer and sales staff.


Early this year we had the delight to meet with Enhance TV and take on the backend project. We sat down with some of Enhance executives and key players in order to outline the operational and strategic tools they would need to efficiently run their web application. So far, FlexIT has created tools such as:
- Institutional customer management and lead pipeline
- User management, logs tracking and troubleshooting
- Content tools to create collections, study-guides, quizzes.
- Reporting and analytical tools to dissect user and playback data


With such demanding list of tools being requested, FlexIT designed a roadmap for such tools to be delivered progressively and improved upon.


Thanks to the tools implemented in the backend, EnhanceTV did not have the need to rely on a 3rd party CRM such as Salesforce anymore. These tailor made tools proved to be a perfect fit for the EnhanceTV team.